Matt Grajewski

I’m not a big fan of writing a bio, or talking about myself.  It makes me feel like a douche.  About all I know is that I hail from Michigan, and I like to fish for anything that will run down a streamer.  As a resolution for my lack of knowledge about…myself, Nick shot over some questions for me to answer.   What fly will we never catch you with on the end of your line or in your box? Anything with a rubber twister tail on it.  I just can’t do it. Favorite boat beer? Starting out with the tough questions right out of the gate.  Damn…hmmm…I would have to say Keweenaw Brewing Lift Bridge Brown.  It has a lot of tradition with my brothers and I.  It has been present on numerous floats on our favorite river.
If you can’t fish for musky what would you rather fish for? (Like how I assumed you’d pick musky first)
Probably large browns.  Preferable the magnum size that grow in low fish density waters…but I would still be thinking about muskie the entire time.
If you need to get the skunk off what are you pulling out of your box?
Anything black.  Almost doesn’t matter what I’m fishing for.  If that doesn’t work, I would try something blacker.
About how many days a year do you get your trout weenie on?
These days, I weenie it up about 20 days a year.  That number used to be a lot higher.  I still love it, I’m kind of weenied out.
Bacon or sausage? Total bacon guy.  Sausage isn’t bad, but its no bacon.
Streamers… Black, white or olive?
I almost feel like you put this question in here as a joke.  I’m not even going to answer it.
Favorite old piece of gear you’ll never get rid of?
St. Croix 8’6″ 6wt.  It was the first rod I ever bought with my hard earned cash.  I still break it out a few times a year.  A lot of memories in that rod.
Worse thing you’ve been accused of doing while fishing?
Hahaha…oh shit.  This would probably be a better question for my brothers.  Probably poaching from the back of the boat.
Most used excuse after missing a fish?
Poor hookset.  I know it when it happens.  Its usually followed by some choice words, and then the proclamation that it won’t be the last time that happens.
List these fish in order of importance.
Let me make a couple tweaks.  “Bass” doesn’t cut it.  You can’t insult smallmouth by assuming they are the same fish as largemouth.  I am also choosing to apply “rainbow” as Great Lakes steelhead.  With that said… In ascending order:  Muskie, muskie, muskie, brown,  muskie, muskie, muskie, steelhead, muskie, muskie, muskie, pike,  muskie, muskie, muskie, smallmouth,  muskie, muskie, muskie, gar,  muskie, muskie, muskie, largemouth,   muskie, muskie, muskie, carp,  muskie, muskie, muskie, sucker.
Destination fishery you dream of most?
It has to be something that I can’t do here.  Trout out west, muskie in the north, or steelhead in the PNW are all things I would love to do, but I can’t say I dream about them.  Something like stripers on the east coast, or peacock bass in the Amazon, or golden dorado in Argentina.  Something like that.  Would love to go to New Zealand someday too.  That place just looks badass.
Do you have any angling good luck charms or superstitions?
Combos man…Combos.  A good float trip has to have Combos in the boat.  Preferably pretzel.  Pizzeria is my go to, but Nacho will also work. Top three favorite flies? I’m not big on favorite flies.  If I find something that works, I usually move on to something else.  Some of the most productive flies I’ve ever used haven’t been fished in years.  Just how my brain works.  I know its not right.  I’m more of a favorite color guy.  Any new flies/patterns I tie will most likely be in one of my favorite color combos. Favorite style of fishing? No brainer…streamers.  I want the fish to chase down my fly.  I want that predatory instinct.  I crave it. Spinner blade on a fly or just hand me a rapala? Hand me the spinning rod.  Just a personal preference.  Thats one of the great things about fly fishing.  Lots of ways to skin a cat.  Don’t get caught up in what others think is legit or not.  Just do you.
Front or back of the boat and why?
Doesn’t matter as long as I’m in the boat.  I will say if  someone hasn’t stuck a good fish in a while, or we are on water they haven’t seen, I’ll take the back.  I get a kick out of someone busting a slump.  Could be because most of the people I fish with are pretty close friends or family.
What styles of fly do you hate to tie and love to tie?
Not a huge fan of tying nymphs, eggs, or dries.  I will do it, but nymph patterns don’t exactly make me get out of bed late at night and head to the vise.  A new streamer idea will keep me up at night.  I would be completely content if every fly I tied for the rest of my life were streamers.
What annoys you most on the water?
People not respecting your space.  I hate skiers and tubers.  Hate them.
If we rode in the car with you on the way to fish what would we be listening to?
Depends on my mood.  I can get down with anything except country.  Alternative, folk, heavy metal, rock, rap…it all has its place.
Most underrated aspect of catching fish?
The take.  It doesn’t matter how high its rated, it would still be underrated. Taco or cheeseburger? Oh shit!  Saved the hardest question for near the end.  I can easily make a case for either one.  If you put a gun to my head, I’m probably going taco.  There is no loser between the two, though. Whiskey or Vokda? Whiskey hands down.  Too many bad vodka experiences in my youth.
 If you were sponsored by a non fly fishing company who would it be?
Hopefully, Twisted Rooster restaurant.  Best fish tacos in the world.  I just want free fish tacos.