Nick Granato

Based out of Salt Lake City, Utah, Nick Granato started fly fishing when he was 13 years old. Since
beginning to take it seriously around 10 years ago, Nick has quietly waded into position as one of the
most respected, innovative fly tiers and fly fishermen in the country. Said Hatches Magazine Editor, Will
Mullis, “Nick brings a unique and creative style to the cardboard personality of the fly tying world that is
desperately needed.”
Granato first began tying because he couldn’t find patterns commercially available that were designed
for many of the conditions he was facing on the water. Now, Nick feels he has a symbiotic relationship
with fly fishing and tying.
Nick is a Fly Designer for Rainy’s Flies & Supplies and a Pro Staffer for Ross Worldwide Outdoors,
Scientific Anglers, William Joseph, and Clear Cure Goo. He has had articles published in Hatches
Magazine, with more on the way elsewhere.
Ask those who fish with him, and they’ll tell you that Nick has an uncanny obsession with creating fly
patterns that do what other patterns can’t. “Nick knows what he wants in a fly and he gets after it
with no BS,” said Clint Goodman. “His attention to detail in the application of material on a fly isincredible.”
Said Granato, “I’ve never lost the gratification you get from catching a fish on your own pattern.”
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