Fur Burger

Hook: Gamakatsu B10s # 2 Eyes: Pseudo Eyes Plus Large Tail: Craft Fur Foul Guard: Calves Tail Body and Head: Custom Blended Dubbing, one part wool one part mixed ice wing fiber. I developed this baitfish pattern while fishing for late season Wipers. In the fall they feed heavily on gizzard shad and often times form surface boils. Even though it’s a total feeding frenzy they get selective on size and profile, especially later on in the season after they’ve been heavily pressured by conventional tackle anglers with plugs and large crank baits. Many of my friends do well on EP and Clouser Minnow but thats a little to plain jane for me and I prefer a pattern with maximum movement at rest as well on the move. This patter proved extremely effect and can be tied in any size, color or profile to match any bait fish you’d like to imitate.

2 Responses to “Fur Burger”

  1. Rusty says:

    Nick, where can I get one of the brushes you use to copmb out the material?

  2. Nick Granato says:


    Most fly shops should have them. They are yarn indicator brushes, the ones I use are from Montana Fly Company.

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