Yard Sale Tutorial

  The Yard Sale is a spin off of a fly I tie called the Fur Trader.  It is tied in a similar fashion (stacking materials), but it was inspired by my daughter.  She is a big fan of visiting fly shops, and has been since she was old enough to walk and talk.  It is not uncommon for me to allow her to pick out a material.  One day she decided to pick Flash n’ Slinky, in pink of course.  I really hadn’t played with synthetic materials a lot at this point.  We got home and she wanted me to tie a fly.  I had a Fur Trader sitting on my desk, and decided to tie off that concept.  It resulted in a lighter, more durable version.  It also requires less material.  A little F n’ S goes a long way. I normally tie this fly in the 7-8″ range for trout and bass, and up to 14″ for muskie.  It can also be easily tied in smaller sizes if you so choose.  F n’ S comes in a wide variety of colors, so it allows for numerous color combinations.  In an effort to not waste materials, I tie in the F n’ S at the length I want it, then trim behind the thread wraps.  Again, a little goes a long way.   What you see with F n’ S dry, is how it will look in the water.  Keep that in mind when considering the width of the fly and what you are trying to imitate. Hook:  Front- Daiichi 2461 3/0  Rear- Daiichi 2461 2/0 Tail: 4 Schlappen Feathers (2 on each side with natural curve facing out) Body: Flash n’ Slinky and Holographic Flash Wing: Craft Fur Head: Deer Hair on smaller versions, Craft Fur on the larger versions (Hit “refresh” on your browser if slideshow doesn’t load)

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  1. paul bazzoni says:

    nicely done tutorial for a great looking fly, thank you !

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