Sparkle Dad Tutorial

The woolly bugger was one of the first flies I ever tied.  It taught me a tying technique that I would apply many times over the year.  it was almost my favorite smallmouth fly back in the day.  Eventually, I want to add some tweaks.  Mostly, more movement and a bigger profile.  The Sparkle Dad is a simple, effective crayfish pattern that can be tied in a variety of colors.  It has flash, a good profile, and enticing movement.  I’ve caught everything from smallmouth, largemouth, trout, drum, pike, and walleye on this fly.
A couple tips.  Trap as few fibers of the polar chenille as possible.  Combining it out after wrapping the schlappen forward helps.  My favorite way to tie this fly is with a tungsten cone so it drops like a rock in between strips.  Fish just can’t resist a jigging motion.  I also tie it with lead eyes so the hook rides up.  This is effective in places when I want it right down in the rocks.

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