Stuck With Each Other

  As a kid growing up, my brothers and I were more or less forced to fish together.  My parents didn’t want us fishing alone.  Most of the time it wasn’t an issue.  Other times, like all brothers, there was drama.  Who had to row, where we would fish, how we would fish, should we try a different spot, was it time to go in, etc.  Still, the good times far outnumbered the bad.  It was one passion we all shared.  We loved to fish. We all went our separate ways in college.  We would share stories from our new fishing locations, constantly urging the others to come visit.  We tried to make it happen at least once a year and most years that plan worked.  During my college years, I meet other people that loved to fish.  It was fun fishing with friends.  Kind of that new relationship type of feeling.  I met and fished with a lot of great guys.  Guys that are still friends today.  As my brothers and I finished school, we suddenly lived closer again.  Mark and I even lived together for a couple years.  Eric was only a two hour drive away compared to ten hours when he was at school.  They joined my new found fishing circle and fit right in.     As we got older, we started to realize time on the water was about some thing different.  It wasn’t just about catching fish.  Soon, most of our fishing trips were just with each other.  It seemed to happen naturally.  There was that familiarity and history.  Like an old girlfriend.  The value of my time on the water with my brothers is tough to calculate.  There are often times we decide not to go fishing because the other couldn’t make it, or even all three of us. There are things we would feel guilty about experiencing if the others weren’t there.  I have certainly taken for granted my time on the water with my brothers.  Who knows when it could be gone.  With growing families, our time on the water together will most likely be shortened.  Until that day comes though, I’m happy to be stuck with my brothers.  Chances are you will hear me mention them once or twice in the future.  

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