Some years back I joined a fly swap on the Drake and it threw me a bit of a curve ball. Unlike local fly swaps these were going around the word and to several people across the country. So I set out to develop a highly versatile pattern that could be fished anywhere, anytime for just about anything. After quite a while of tweaking and fishing I finally dialed it and eventually gave it a name… The Sasquatch consists of materials that are all common and can be found in a vast amount of colors which is key to it’s versatility. Bucktail, flash, marabou, craft fur and the rest of the materials are plentiful and fairly cheap as far as tying materials are concerned. Swapping material colors and coloring the head leaves you open to create a dead ringer forage fish or a bold attractor like a Fire Tiger scheme. That is the reason why this pattern has become a corner stone in my box for all predator fish. All year long I’m fishing it in various sizes and colors for rainbow, cutthroat, brown trout if I’m wading or floating. In the summer through to fall it’s one of my go to warm-water flies for Tiger Musky and Bass, especially when they are keying in on baitfish or are unresponsive to larger flies. In the fall trough early spring I tie and fish Sasquatch’s in baby rainbow, cutthroat and my favorite brown trout for aggressive and territorial trout. But you’ll never catch me on the water without a simple fluorescent white Sasquatch in a size one no matter what I’m fishing for or what time of year.

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