Beer Heals All Wounds

A good friend was recently faced with a conundrum.  Here’s the short version…his line from a local shop was on backorder.  For the inconvenience, the shop guy offered up his own line for the day.  My buddy got a snag, and 18″ of the front taper of a streamer line broke off.  No big deal…or so he thought.  Shop guy isn’t real thrilled and makes a rude phone call.   My buddy apologizes multiple times, and offers to replace it.  Shop guy gives the “its cool, bro” in an annoyed, sarcastic voice.  Then hangs up.  Now my buddy is no freeloader.  He’s a good dude…real good dude.  The type of guy that drops everything if you need a favor.  He’s dropped thousands of dollars in this shop.  So naturally, he is a little taken back by the situation. Anyone who fishes knows shit happens.  Rods break, waders leak, tires fall off trailers, etc.  Losing 18″ off a sinking line is really no big deal.  Its a non issue.  So, here comes the problem…how to make it better?  My buddy rants over the phone, and I agree, shop guy needs to chill.  Its their responsibility he didn’t have the line he payed for to fish with in the first place.  So what are the options?  Buy him a new line?  We both agree that would probably smooth things over, but seems unnecessary considering the circumstances.  Plus he could take it the wrong way.  We go over a couple options and then its decided.  Buy the dude a 6 pack. Beer heals all wounds.  Its guy code.  An inborn behavior among males.  Dudes can get in a bar fight, one buys the other a $2 draft, and five seconds later they are cool.  That’s just how it works.  Is there a better way to say sorry between two guys, than buying a beer?  Its impossible to take it the wrong way.  I believe its the most sincere way for one man to apologize to another.  It almost doesn’t matter what the situation is.  “Hey, sorry I slept with your girl…beer?” At some point in the near future, my buddy will be the bigger man.  He will show up at the fly shop with a 6 pack.   My guess…it will be water under the bridge.        

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