Joining the Blogger World

  Its kind of crazy to think how much the world of friendship has changed thanks to the interwebs. Without the interwebs, I would likely never know Nick Granato. I “met” Nick on the Drake a couple years back. There are some dudes you just know you will get along with from the get go. It was love at first sight. Now we are teaming up to write random nonsense about fly fishing. I have been hesitant about joining the blogger world. Its full of anything and everything, which I dig, but it also comes with added criticism. Nick and I have often discussed doing a blog that just talks about everyday fishing shit. Things we talk about on a regular basis. It could be anything really. Sometimes its about a fly idea that keeps you awake at night, so you get out of bed and sit at the vise in your boxers. Or it could be a specific fish that becomes instantly memorable. Or a trip that goes wrong from the start. Whatever it may be, you will probably see it here.   We realize this is nothing new.  Just two dudes from opposite ends of the country that share a similar passion.  We do the same things, but different. So thats it. No sponsors. No ass kissing. No bullshit. Just a blog about why we do what we do.

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