Shuck Norris

Shuck Norris

I know it’s been long since I’ve posted any content. 2010 was banner and one for the record books and I fulling intend on catching up and dumping some content. I don’t really get much time form October to January to blog, tie and such. But oddly enough I have more time than I know what to do with come mid winter. So I thought I’d come back strong with a tutorial before I start catching up with trip reports and such. So without further delay I’ll cut to the Shuck Norris.

—>Click Here For Tutorial on how to tie the Shuck Norris<—

In the three years leading up to the summer of 2010 I pretty much kept a dropper off the line at all cost while throwing dry flies. Not because I felt like achieving a so called “purist dry fly” nirvana but because I cut my teeth on dry dropper rigs and wanted to mix things up a bit. In those three years I was surprised at how my catch rate didn’t necessarily decrease, or so I thought. I was absolutely taken with the fact that I could now get within inches of the bank, tree, grass line or tight under brush without a 2′ dropper screwing the pooch. I thought that being able to make casts, get drifts and fish water I couldn’t before was canceling out the “dropper factor” or as a close friend calls it “insurance”. Life was good and I thought it was the new way to go. The anit-dropper mentality was born. Fast forward sum years and a cold winter day and a light bulb goes on. Three years or reflecting on days past and browsing pictures for hours I had a honest answer staring me dead straight in the face. Honestly, simply, and to the point I was catching less fish… Needlessly.

So the summer of 2010 became the year of the dropper and I got back to my roots. These days I pretty much fish a figure eight/davey knot and just clip and re tie the dropper as I work the water. Often times working the tight spots first with the dry only and the tying on the dropper and fishing the meat of the run. It’s not glorious but I did bring some of my better fish to hand this year, especially on smaller streams. It sets me back 10 seconds here and there and pays dividends most days. Moral of the store… Don’t be a dry fly hero but hope for those days that a dropper is needless and may not apply. I came up with the Shuck Norris this year during PMD season and it became a confidence fly for me as I tweaked it. The inspiration was really just what I like about emergers and droppers rolled into one. Nothing fancy but like Chuck Norris he punches white fish in the brown. Viva la dropper!

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    Nice looking fly. Great name!

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