The Eat

The Eat

This was a fish caught by a friend of mine Matt Warner while on a trip this summer. The fish ate a decent sized hopper mid day and right before I netted him he puked up a 6 3/4” baby brown, I’m guessing he ate it the night before or very early that morning. The little guy was obviously put down head first from the slightly digested head and still 100% intact tail. The other thing that was obvious to me was that the little guy got T-Boned first. He had laceration from mid body to right behind the gills and a massive gash mid belly. I think the evidence is there to show that this guy got hammered mid body to injure/stun him so he could be put down head first. It’s pretty cool to see the evidence that supports modern streamer theories!

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  1. GFP says:

    That is great evidence on how fish eat! A bit weird looking at that poor 6incher missing it’s skin. It’s also good to see that even with that much in it’s belly it was still willing to dance!

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