What The Dry Fly?

What The Dry Fly?

Recently I finished up my very first article for the 2010¬†publication of ¬†Hatches Magazine and I couldn’t be anymore pleased. Hatches is by far my favorite tying magazine and in all honestly the only one that I subscribe to. So to have a chance to contribute to my favorite tying publication is honestly a dream come true. If you are not familiar with them they are worth a definite look and offer some of the best and truly innovative fly tying tutorials and article in the world. The article is about the significant food source that Cicadas offer fish the world over in addition to a tutorial of my Chubby Muffin Cicada. I know some of you are thinking you did a piece on a dry fly? Where’s the meat? My answer is hell yes, and it’s technically a terrestrial which happens to be some of my favorite flies to tie and fish. I honestly spend more time chasing trout than other species due to Tiger Musky only being accessible with a fly rod about 1/3 of the year… If you haven’t checked out the publication or there website you need to, it’s top notch for sure! Hatchesmagazine.com

3 Responses to “What The Dry Fly?”

  1. mike doughty says:

    congrats. nick! well deserved

  2. Nick Granato says:

    Mike thanks my friend I really enjoyed working on it. When we going to toss some cicadas on that one little stream you like?

  3. I ve readed your post and i agree. To be honest we have to have much more of thoseposts . Properly done and bookmarked!

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