Fish Porn Friday!

Fish Porn Friday!

Though I’ve kept things moving along with the fly porn I’ve really dropped the ball with the fish porn recently. Here are a couple from this year on the Tiger Musky Trail for you guys to check out. June looks like it should be a solid month chasing Essox for me… I’m finally hitting a nice stride at home since summer has finally decided to stick around and Monday I’m off to the promised land for pure breeds. I’ll be in the North Woods with Brad Bohen and the crew next week… I have a hunch it’s going to be a wild time. I’ll catch up and do a post when I get back and until then cheers!

Photo: Greg Pearson Angler: Me Pattern: Sasquatch

Angler: Greg Pearson

Photo: Greg Pearson Angler: Me

Angler: Greg Pearson Pattern: Chart/White Sasquatch

5 Responses to “Fish Porn Friday!”

  1. Simon Graham says:

    Great images Nick,definitely a species on my wish list.

  2. Nick Granato says:

    Thanks Simon your welcome over here any time you’d like. Just let my know!

  3. Jarrod says:

    Nice day! great ties too, way to stick those toothies!

  4. Peter Strid says:

    Those fish are bad ass. Great photos.

  5. Nick Granato says:

    Thank you Peter and Jarrod I’m glad you enjoyed the pics.

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