Skirt Flies

Skirt Flies

This winter I started incorporating bass skirts into some of my streamer patterns. At the time I couldn’t think of a reason why they wouldn’t work out and fish well but you never know. After a long rough spring and plenty of R & D summer is upon us and skirt flies have become a staple in mine and my friends Tiger Musky boxes. Personally I feel bass skirts having a lot of validity in the fly fishing world with many applications. I know I’m probably rubbing a lot of purists the wrong way with these sinister creations considering they come from the conventional tackle world and the history behind them. But lets be honest here for a second… If you fish rubber legged patterns you really don’t have a leg to stand on. For instance lets talk about one of the best streamers ever created, the Circus Peanut (FYI it’s not a Galloup pattern and was created by Russ Madden as a easier faster way to tie a Sex Dungeon). The Circus Peanut has a few key features that make it such a fishy SOB like the articulation and nice jiggy action. But without a doubt the massive amount of rubber legs accounts for the majority of it’s fishiness. So I ask you this… If you’d fish a Circus Peanut would you fish a Skirt Fly? Oh and in case you were wondering, the answer is yes, I sleep fine at night after I stick a essox in the face on a skirt fly.

Skirt Fly

Angler: Nick Grananto Pattern: Skirt Fly Photo: Brad Bohen

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  1. Brian Carson says:

    The most productive bass patterns I have ALL have skirts on them… And that one you just tied up there my friend will SLAY nice job as always!

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