Ghetto Tramp

Ghetto Tramp

Ghetto Tramps conception came to be one fateful snowy cold day in January on a trip to Cabelas. The reason for the trip was to pilfer the gear section of hooks and a few other odds and ends. Clint, Matt and I split up and shopped around for a little bit. After a while we all ended up on the same isle at the same time… This isle was home to the now beloved Bass Skirt. It was like they had there own gravitational pull and there we were staring at these bass skirts and the wheels started turning. Not a lot was said for the first couple minutes except for a few “holy shits” and “dude”. Needless to say the three of us put a good dent in the stock and have been incorporating them into flies ever since. Overall I have really been digging on these bass skirt flies and they have a lot going for them. They add enough weight to slowly sink, give great bulk in the water while still being light and easy to cast, are fairly cheep, are quick and easy to use while coming in ever style and color imaginable, and if you really want to dork out you can make your own. But the best part is they straight up fish! —–> CLICK HERE for the tutorial <—–

Perch Ghetto Tramp

Angler: Christopher Andelin. Fly: Tied by me.

7 Responses to “Ghetto Tramp”

  1. Mark says:

    Sweet stuff Nick! My buddy uses bass skirts in his Intruder patterns. Sometimes you can’t beat what is available in the gear section, especially the gear section at Cabelas.

  2. Simon Graham says:

    Nice fly Nick and a top tutorial.

  3. Nick Granato says:

    Thanks Simon I’m glad you enjoyed it!

  4. Nick Granato says:

    Bass skirts in Steel Head flies has to rattle a few cages… He’s probably onto something!

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  6. Mike Junge says:

    Just got the new Hatches ( Fall 2012 ),, found
    Ghetto Booty….& gotta have it. Found a place in Minocqua
    that needs a good work out with this fly.
    My problem is I can’t.find this stuff..
    Could you please give us a list of your suppliers so we can
    make a fly as nice as yours ???
    Any help would be appreciated….

  7. Mike Burke says:

    Awesome looking fly. I like the different types of materials and colors in the fly.

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