Topwater Prototypes

Topwater Prototypes

I have a monkey on my back… A topwater Tiger Musky. I’ve never caught one and in all honesty I’ve probably only throw a topwater for 3 hours collectively. So I guess you could say I haven’t given it the good old collage try… Well this years going to be different, I’m going to give it hell! So first things first and thats research… Fly guys are light years behind the gear guys so I went straight to the goods. First off, topwater gear is simply bad ass! Second, holy shit how do you bridge that gap with a fly rod? Third, you obviously can’t create something too large, flashy, loud or gaudy! If your interested in pike and musky do yourself a favor and check out what our gear chucking counterparts are doing these days, it will blow your mind! Kraken Kreepers, Leviathans, Top Busters , Magnum Flashes and giant spook style baits like the Doc are the kind of lures I’m talking about. Needless to say my mind has been working overtime on this one. I’ve been working a little bit here and there on different topwater flies and I’m still a very long way away from even beginning to close that gap. I’m not sure if I ever will but I’m going to give it hell!

Articulated Top Water Nasty

Articulated Big Game Boobie

Big Game Boobie

4 Responses to “Topwater Prototypes”

  1. Simon Graham says:

    Nothin floats my boat like a good bit of fly porn. Interesting to see you don’t downsize your trailing hook to something a little smaller….Any reason for this Nick?

  2. admin says:

    Simon I want the extra weight in the larger hook to sink the back of the fly, so when the fly gets stripped it will push more water, plane out and then sink again. Kinda like a Zera Spook.

  3. Simon Graham says:

    Okay…I’ll have to look in to this method a little more,cheers.

  4. admin says:

    Not sure if it’s technically a “method”… More of a theory I guess, I’ll let you know how the test swim goes.

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