Trading in the 6 wt for the 10 wt.

Trading in the 6 wt for the 10 wt.

The trout are about to take a backseat for the next few months as toothies start to awake from their winter slumber. But this spring has brought a few nice trout to hand for me and a few exceptional fish that I had the pleasure I watching friends tangle with. Hopefully all this late snow and rain will lead to a healthy run off and some happy fat trout come summer. Here are a couple fish I was able to trick this spring and a few recent streamer that I’ve turned out of the vise… I love trout but bring on the big toothy bastards!

Buck Brown Taken on a Olive Sasquatch

Rainbow on the Swing

Random Articulated Srtreamer

Random Articulated Streamer with a Spun Head

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