Goodbye Winter

Goodbye Winter

As winter finally starts to give way to spring I couldn’t help but reflect on the stellar fishing and great times I had with old and new friends alike. Some warmer beautiful days and a few good waters years have made for some pretty great winter fishing this last season. But the best part was that I truly only nymphed a handful of times without a major sacrifice of getting fish to hand. It’s probably not hard to tell that by far my least favorite fly fishing technique is nymphing. Not because I don’t know, but because over the years I have probably logged more time on the water nymphing than any other technique. Most of the days were spent hanging out on the banks with good friends sipping whiskey from a flask and leisurely taking turns fishing… Whoever started the stigma that trout won’t move in the winter for a larger meal was off…. Way off!

Winter Cuttbow

Wintertime Gear

UV Bugger

Baby Brown Trout Streamer

Chubby Muffin Sculpin

Olive Sasquatch

2 Responses to “Goodbye Winter”

  1. Pat says:

    Damn champ that little Brown looks awesome dude!! Glad you have a great Winter Nick, bring
    on the good stuff!!

  2. mike doughty says:

    real nice nick!

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