Clear Cure Goo

Clear Cure Goo

Over the winter I started experimenting with the new and truly innovative fly tying product Clear Cure Goo. Unlike most UV curing products on the market it comes in four different styles, thick, thin, brash-able and flexible. I never really got into using the traditional epoxies due to the mixing, drying and overall hassle of dealing with them. The fact that CCG simply takes the drying step out of the equation opens up a whole new word at the vise. Now it is quick and easy to set anything into the CCG like rattles, weed guards, eyes, rubber legs, glitter or just about anything.  Musky junky Brad Bohen is also a huge fan and is using CCG to reinforce his musky patterns in addition to making lips out of CCG, yet more great uses for this versatile product. List of uses for Clear Cure Goo seems endless at this point… The Thick and Thin are solid standbys but the Flexible just plain rocks, think “soft plastics”! This stuff opens a lot of doors at the vise and has my mind working double time. I’ll let you know of new uses and techniques as I stumble upon them at the vise. Here are a few recent flies I’ve turned out using Clear Cure Goo.

CCG Perch

I coated the head in flexible CCG for a soft plastic like fly.

CCG Baitfish

2 Responses to “Clear Cure Goo”

  1. BobWhite says:

    Hey Nick, I just received the selection of flies you tied up for me… thanks!

    Your use of Clear Cure Goo makes a ton of sense, and it’s done just right; the CCG adds to the fly, but the pattern isn’t dependent upon it. Nice…

    I can’t wait to get them wet!

    I’ll do a drawing of the largest fly for you, and get it off as soon as possible.

    Warm regards,

  2. Nick Granato says:

    Bob your to kind, and thank you! Let me know how they fish for you after things open up.

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