Stillwater Sweeties

Stillwater Sweeties

Needless to say my vise has had dozens of #1 – 6/0 hooks ran through it over the winter. Since the ice is receding just about everywhere I started checking my stillwater boxes, a few were in need of filling so I decided to tie somethings on the smaller side… Nothing crazy just a few A. P. Emergers variants, some buggers and baitfish or two. In all honesty it was quite refreshing and helped me keep my tying skills tuned up.

A. P. Variant Green

Purple/UV Brown

A. P. Variant Red


Clear Cure Goo Bait Fish

6 Responses to “Stillwater Sweeties”

  1. Pat says:

    Time is drawing closer Nick, sweet looking patterns!

  2. admin says:

    Thanks Pat, Yes getting closer!

  3. mike doughty says:

    very nice nick. that 1st one is the shizzle

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  5. Bruce says:

    What is the recipe for this A. P. Variant Green?

  6. Nick Granato says:

    The tail is pheasant tail and olive flashabou, the body is Brown Olive Ice Dub, the wing is mallard flank and the collar is olive grizzle soft hackle.

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