Disco Lemonade

Disco Lemonade

Disco Lemonade

Click here here for the tutorial! Disco Lemonade is on of my go to Tiger Musky flies on bright sunny days in clear water. The color combos are endless, it’s easy to cast all day and you can tweak it to any profile to match any baitfish in your area and it’s fairly quick and easy to tie. This one I tied using Clear Cure Goo for the head. This should help give the fly a little bit of weight for pounding structure and add ┬ádurability to the fragile Ice Wing Fiber. It also fishes very well for me in smaller sizes for stillwater trout.

Trout Snack Disco Lemonade

4 Responses to “Disco Lemonade”

  1. Simon Graham says:

    Very nice Nick, Picked up some Loop wire for you and will post them with a couple of flies tomorrow mate.

  2. admin says:

    Thanks Simon I’m looking forward to getting the package!

  3. Mike says:

    Hey Nick is there a recipe for this fly??

  4. Nick Granato says:

    Mike here you go.

    TMC 811S 4/0
    Danville Flat Waxed Fl. Red
    Fl. White Marabou
    Large Cactus Chenille Fl.
    Ice Wing UV Minnow Mix
    Ice Wing Fiber Fl. Chartreuse
    Ice Wing Fiber Baitfish Mix
    Par Marks/Lateral Line:
    Grizzly Hackle
    Hareline 3D Eyes
    Clear Cure Goo Thin

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