Some UV lovin’

Some UV lovin’

Over the last couple years I’ve started experimenting with Ultraviolet Reflective tying materials. There has been several times where a UVR patterns completely out fishes the exact pattern lacking UVR qualities. There has always been the “why” missing, why do they eat a UVR pattern better at times and others they don’t? Recently I started reading The New Scientific Angling – Trout and Ultraviolet Vision by Reed F. Curry. It may seem like a heavy and complicated topic but so far I’ve been able to follow right along and have had many “Ahhh Ha!” moments. I haven’t been this stoked to read a fly fishing book since Galloup’s Modern Streamer Tactics for Trout. I’ll do a review after I finish the book here in the next week or so, but I can already tell you it’s a must read! Here is a simple UV pattern that I’ve been fishing in various colors. Dry…

UV Bugger


UV Bugger

Stuck in a cuttface.

UV Cuttface

8 Responses to “Some UV lovin’”

  1. mike doughty says:

    i dig the uv and almost all my streamers i’ve been tying lately have a uv body. of course most of what i’ve been tying is my sex parakeet just in different colors and most of them have a uv polar chenille body.

  2. mike doughty says:

    by the way nick, good lookin cutt

  3. admin says:

    Thanks Mike I’ve been tying with a ton of UV materials… Wish there was more! The sex parakeet has some UV chenille doesn’t it?

  4. mike doughty says:

    yes it does!

  5. Chance says:

    You brotha, very well done blog…NICE! :)

  6. Scott Denton says:

    Great looking pattern. Do you mind listing the materials you are using? I’d like to twist a few up.



  7. admin says:

    Thanks buddy! Let’s hit the water soon…

  8. admin says:

    Scott I plan on doing a tutorial sometime here soon. It’s for the most part a dressed up bigger…

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