Jumpin’ Jack Flash Tutorial

JJF fa Many of the patterns I tie are born during the fishing season. They are the result of something that happened on the water, or a pattern I wanted to improve. Jumpin’ Jack Flash was not one of those patterns. It was born on a cold winter day of fun tying with the kids. They had some materials in mind and we put them together. It didn’t take long after the season started for it to become one of my favorite muskie patterns. It swims erratically with a good “dying pause/drop”. I have also tied it in trout and bass sizes with success. The color combinations are pretty endless which adds to the fun of this fly. Flashabou, Wing N’ Flash, and Ice Wing come in a lot of colors.

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  1. Ryan says:

    Gorgeous flies, the perch/panfish olive and orange on the bottom is dope

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