Ghetto Craw

Cray Fish, Crawdad or Mud Bug what ever you want to call them we all know fish love them. From juvenile esox to fat rainbows they all key in on them at some point so you better have a good selection. I like to separate them into two general groups, Ambiguous and Realistic. In my experience sometimes super realistic craws can be the ticket but more times than not something more general fishes the best. Sex Dungeons and Circus Peanuts get eaten a lot as crawdads and it’s no secret. I’ve had reports of guys in Michigan fishing my Sasquatch to large browns in the summer.  I’m starting to fish my chubby muffin sculpin in a craw color scheme with solid success. Without getting ultra realistic I wanted to come up with a obvious crawdad that could potentially get mistaken for something else as well. My mind went straight to bass jigs and how they often get eaten for a wide variety or prey. Salamanders, baitfish, frogs, sculpin you name it, a blend of rubber legs banded together calls the dinner bell. After a few sessions of tying and fishing I nailed down something… I had the Ghetto Craw. Enough “fly” to make you feel ok about fishing it but just ghetto enough to raise a few eyebrows from the purists. With the barbell eyes close to the bend of the hook it swims face down like the real deal. The finesse skirt imparts a truly erratic action thats hard to get with a fly. I’m a true believer in the power of a rattle so there is one nicely tucked into the design. At just under 4” it’s the perfect size for just about any freshwater species. Nick Granato     Material List: Hook: Diiachi #2461 2/0 Thread: Danville Flymaster Plus 210 Orange Eyes: Hareline Pseudo Eyes XL Black and Red #PXR11 Antenna: Purple Flex Floss Claws: Ringneck Rump Hackle, 1 Orange, 1 Olive and 1 Natrual Per Claw Dubbing: Chubby Dub Craw OR SUB Hareline Ice Dub Brown Olive # ice 265 and Ice Dub UV hot Orange # ice 187 Hackle: Orange Grizzly Schlappen Skirt: Jann’s Net Craft Turbo Finesse Skirt Cumberland Craw # 312 Rattle: Barlows Tackle Medium Plastic Rattle (5mm) Ghetto Craw

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  1. Matt Straw says:

    Would like to discuss the possibility of including one of your flies in an article on Top 12 Pike Flies in the world.
    Call me (218/828-8136) or send me a quick e-mail if you’re interested.
    Beautiful work, by the way!

    Matt Straw
    Field Editor

  2. Nolan says:

    Where can I buy those? I would like 6 of them.

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